Libre en Fête 2020

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Published on: 04/02/2020

The 19th edition of the Libre en Fête (in English Celebrating open source) event is approaching. Libre en Fête is a succession of events across France, organised by the April association together with different groups of users of open source Software, digital public spaces , libraries, media libraries, computer clubs, fablabs and all open source enthusiast associations and structures.

This year, Libre en Fête events will be held between Saturday 7 March 2020 and Sunday 5 April 2020.

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What is Libre en Fête?

Libre en Fête is a nation-wide series of events organised to increase awareness on open source software and to promote its use. The events organised within the framework of Libre en Fête can take any form. The most common ones are:

  • Discovery conference, which introduces the principles and challenges of open source software;
  • Demonstration of an open source software or an open source online service;
  • Presentation of collaborative projects derived from the principles of open source software, such as Wikipedia, OpenStreetMap or Open Food Facts;
  • “Install Parties”, an event during which citizens can receive support in installing the GNU / Linux and other open source software on their computer.
  • Initiation workshop to open source software, to open source online services or to collaborative projects derived from the principles of open source software;
  • Distribution of videos or films on open source software;
  • Exhibition of photographs and works under open license;
  • Music concert with groups distributing their music under an open license;
  • Discovery day, with several activities such as conferences, workshops, association stands, etc..


The detail of the Libre en Fête events is available on the Libre en Fête website and via an online map. As of now, Libre en Fête counts eight registered events:

What is April?

April is a French association created in 1996 which gathers open source enthusiasts in order to promote the use and development of open source software. April is led by a board of directors made up of volunteer members and has a team of permanent staff. The association aims to:

  • Promote open source software to the general public, professionals, associations and public authorities;
  • Raise awareness on the issues of open standards and interoperability;
  • Obtain political, legal and regulatory decisions favourable to the development of open source software and information commons;
  • Defend the rights of users and authors of open source software;
  • Promote the sharing of knowledge.

More questions about the Libre en Fête events?

You can consult the Libre en Fête website or send an email to

Physical location
All over in France, to find an event near you, check out the official website.