LibreCon 2014 will be hold in Bilbao at 11th and 12th of November. LibreCon 2014 carries on where the previous three editions of the Libre Software World Conference (LSWC) left off. This year it sets out a big event which main objective is the creation of business and employment in all sectors of society through open source technologies, innovation and entrepreneurship.

Open source technologies, in general, and Open Software, in particular, are a real alternative providing companies and public administrations around the world with better competitiveness, important savings and development of local economies. Under these premises of Company and business, it is conceived an event that pretends situate open source technologies to the lead of the economic recovery.

Expected Participants:


Physical location
LibreCon 2014 will be hold in the enlarged space of the spectacular Euskalduna Conference Centre and Concert Hall, right in the city center of Bilbao (Abandoibarra avenue,4). An attractive building, very well communicated, which means the best possible location for an event with international impact, such is LibreCon 2014 which also offers the following advantages: