Linux boat, Open Source software conference

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Published on: 07/12/2011

Linux Boat, an annual conference in Lodz, Poland, is intended for all those who want to learn about Open Source software.

The Linux Boat conference is organised by computer scientists at the Technical University of the Polish city of Lodz and the Polish Open Source IT services company The Camels.

Open Source software is increasingly popular, write the organisers. "We want to encourage more users to work with these free and often better software solutions."

Registration for attending the conference is required and the number of available seats is limited. Entrance on the third day is free of charge, however, for attending the first two days the conference fee is 10 zł (3 euro) per day. Participating in workshops, organised on the second day, will also cost 10 zł.

The organisation is planning several competitions during the three day conference. Participants can win Wifi routers, USB keys, Open Source software CDs, pens or t-shirts.

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