AT: Linux4education workshop

Event date:
Published on: 07/12/2011

Linux4education - The training initiative (in German)

This workshop is an introduction in Linux and open source software in the education sector.
The 3 day programme includes:

1. An introduction to Linux:

  • Installation, Configuration
  • Installation/Remove/Update of Software
  • Installation of printer and scanner
  • Desktop and Educational software
  • Work with the console

2. An introduction to server4education and desktop4education:

  • Installation and presentation of server4education and desktop4education
  • User administration in server4education
  • Connecting Windows-Clients to server4education
  • Connecting the server4education to Internet
  • Configuration of the proxy server
  • Change user profile
  • Deployment of desktop4education
  • Data security
  • Software update in server4education and desktop4education


Registration is free-of-charge and may be done online at the event website.

Physical location
Offenburg lane 23, Weiz 8160