NO: GoOpen 2011 and Communities in Action (CiA)

Event date:
Published on: 07/12/2011

GoOpen conference 2011 and Communities in Action (in Norwegian)

The GoOpen conference is dedicated to sharing, reusing and cooperating on IT solutions, digital content and open data. It is aimed in particular at those who wish to learn on:

• the possible reuse of IT solutions made by others;
• the sharing of IT solutions with others;
• the collaboration with others on the development, operation and maintenance of IT solutions;
• the possibility to improve the quality of one's data and digital content by making them freely available.

Communities in Action (CiA), a co-located professional networking event for developers will take place in the evening on 22 March 2011 at the same location as GoOpen. It will feature technical presentations, knowledge exchange, the hacker space, open discussions and networking. CiA was first held in 2010 and had more than 500 participants divided into seven different networks.

The CiA sessions will cover on agile project management, technology trends, software development, security and much more. The following developer clubs will be present:

• javaBin (Java)
• Oslo XP Meetup (Extreme Programming)
• IRB (Ruby)
• Framsia (Front-end-development)
• (Hacker space)

Registration can be performed online.

This event is organised by Friprog, Norway's independent, government-funded competence centre for free software.

Physical location
Radisson SAS Scandinavia Hotel, Oslo