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#NormAperta - An open discussion on open standards in the House of ... Openness

On April 18, in the Queen's room of the Chamber of Deputies, the association "States General of innovation" (SGI) ( organizes the event #NormAperta.

The meeting aims to provide the Italian parliament with tools apt to decide if and how to define regulations on Openness themes:

  • #SALPA, Open and Free Knowledge in Public Administration: Open Source, Free Software, Reuse, Licenses, Statement, Review of the National Code;
  • #CALOS Open Culture, Open Data and Standard Licenses: Creative Commons, Copyright, Copyright, SIAE, Open Data Licences, Open Standards;
  • #2SOIA, Open Science, Open Innovation and Open Access, Open Health.

SGI adopts Open Talk as its meeting format.

Open Talk was inspired by the open source culture in order to express the same potential of collaborative research present in the Open Source community and to extend the adoption free software in public communication practices. There is therefore a close relationship with the concepts of Open Access, Open Content, Open Data, Open Innovation.

Three preliminarily "position papers" have been prepared, one for each macro theme, shared among experts and SGI partners, in order to promote collaborative exchange and constant implementation of best practices.

In the morning of April 18, after a brief presentation of each theme, we will work in three parallel sessions with a shaker (conductor) for the coordination and animation of the debate and a rapporteur-rapporteuse (spokesman) that will bring back to the plenary session the content emerged in 'Open Talk. In this way each participant will be able to actively participate in the meeting, to propose amendments to the position papers and to make proposals in order to improve the work of the group.

At the end of the work a Storify will be prepared to capture automatically the tweets and photos produced during the three working sessions. To this purpose it is essential that during the Open Talk for each participant to use twitter not only to retell the debate but also to urge it. A "Tweet wall" will show in real-time the tweets of the three tables but also those by people not present who will be allowed to intervene constantly in the debate with questions and proposals by using the hashtag #NormAperta and will be able to tke part in the parallel sessions by the hashtags #Salpa, #Calos and #Soia.

The activity will not end on April 18 but will continue online to ensure the evolution of the themes both in technological and regulatory terms.

To participate you must register (for free) here and men should not forget "jacket and tie".

Expected Participants:


State: Pending
Physical location
Chamber of Deputies - 1 Piazza di Monte Citorio Sala della Regina, 00186 Rome, Italy