The Paris Open Source Summit, the premier European event centered on the Free & Open Source sector, is the result of the merger of two iconic Open Source events: Linux Solutions and the Open World Forum.
The event strives to expose technological innovations, the reality and economic vitality of the solutions and major players of the digital sector, as well as their impacts on society.
Paris Open Source Summit is the international echo chamber amplifying the multiple contributions that Free and Open Source has made to the current and forthcoming digital revolution. It will discuss the successes of Open Source enterprises and communities and their importance to this revolution, along with the consistently maintained support by public authorities to this movement (state, regional, city, etc.).
The Paris Open Source Summit is an event given by the Paris region Systematic cluster, organized by the group Tarsus and officiated by Jean-Luc Beylat, the president of Systematic.
The administration of the event is organized by a steering committee bringing together the principal co-organizers of the event: Systematic and Tarsus but also the groups Alter Way, Henix, and Smile. The steering committee sets the event guidelines and designates a president for each edition. The president is responsible for forming a programming committee that rejoins all the parties invested in the event to provide the content of this year’s edition. This task is overseen by jean-Luc Beylat, president of Systematic. All the members of the steering committee are appointed for a minimum period of 3 years and the industry stakeholders contribute by way of sponsorships.


This first edition based on the theme “innovation” offers 3 different programs. The overall goal is to learn about, discover, evaluate, and adopt the solutions and the industry trends offered by Open Source Software and the open world economy (Open Data and Open Innovation).

The “Tech” program will highlight the market solutions from a technical perspective and will offer a presentation of concepts, products, technologies and tools. It is intended for technical teams: technical directors, web architects and engineers, technical project managers, developers, etc. The presenters will include open-source companies (services providers and users), community members, and university staff.
The “Enterprise” program will highlight the contributions of Open Source software from a non-technical perspective. It is intended for decision makers within private and public companies of any size, functioning in any activity sector.
It will address 3 main points:

  • Highlighting the French ecosystem as an industry and promoting its champions, SMB’s and start-ups
  • Presentation of industry trend
  • Real-life feedback based on client-oriented benefit

The presenters will include companies (services providers and users), associations and professional trade union.

The Society program will highlight the benefits and innovations that are not directly economic. It will provide a forum centered on the policies, actions, and practices (disruptive and cultural) that represent this open and innovating society (Open data, Open innovation, Privacy, Interoperability, Decentralization, and Ethics).The presenters will include politicians, associations and companies (services providers and users).

For the 2015 edition, Paris Open Source Summit will partner with PSA as major user. PSA will present its challenges for the future and how Open Source solutions will be the architects of this transformation.
Paris Open Source Summit will also offer international sessions conducted in English concentrating on 4 areas of interest:

  • Open Source Community Summit: the annual gathering for experience sharing between large open source communities. This year, the focus is on best practices for open source project management
  • Local Government and Open Source: a meeting between digital & IT managers of large cities and regional communities of different countries to discuss how open source is used in their IT systems.
  • European Collaborative Innovation: a selection of presentations of large scale international programs based on collaborative innovation who rely on Open Source to redefine the future of the IT industry and create new business models
  • Invited Country: An open forum where two countries will discuss their commitments to Open Source innovations in regards to public policies for research and innovation and for industrial and commercial offers.  

The strength of this new event relies on its partnerships:

  • Professional organisations representing the Open Source and Digital sectors
  •  Professional organisations representing major users
  • Technology associations of the Open Source sectors
  • The large international Open Source communities
  •  Schools and universities
  •  Iconic sponsors of the Open Source industry (Software editors, ESN, consulting groups)
Expected Participants:


State: Pending


Physical location
DOCK PULLMANN - 50, av. President Wilson 93200 La Plaine Saint-Denis
DOCK PULLMANN - 50, av. President Wilson 93200 La Plaine Saint-Denis