OpenSUSE Conference 2014

The 2014 openSUSE Conference in Dubrovnik, Croatia, will bring together a wide variety of free and open source contributors to collaborate on this Linux distribution. This year's theme, the organisers announce, is "The Strength to Change". "Change has been a constant in free software. With the rise of mobile devices and the associated operating systems like Android and Chromebooks, we have to adopt as a project. We discussed strategy again on our mailing lists and by the time of the conference, we can hopefully all talk together and come to some conclusions. Change is never easy, but it is important."   About 300 openSUSE contributors and members from other Free Software projects like LibreOffice, Firefox, the kernel, Samba, KDE and GNOME will come together to discuss where Free and Open Source Software is going. The theme of the event is “The strength to change”, as change is a constant in the world of Free Software. The conference will feature almost 100 talks, workshops and BoF sessions during the four days the conference lasts. Keynote speakers include Michael Meeks from the LibreOffice project. Topics include packaging and the Open Build Service and Cloud computing.   The conference is free of charge, yet registration is required. Those that want, can donate to the project by purchasing a ticket. Expected Participants:



Physical location
University of Dubrovnik (UNIDU), Croatia.
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