OWcon'22 on 8-9 June 2022

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Published on: 04/03/2022
OW2con'22 on 8-9 June, call for papers is open

OW2con’22 is a two day technical conference happening on 8-9 June 2022, providing an opportunity to network with peers and the international free software community as a whole.

The central theme of OW2con this year is: "Reliable and Predictable Open Source Software". As open source becomes more mature it expands toward more commercial and more business-like segments. By moving up the layers of corporate information systems - from the operating system up to the business applications - open source software is increasingly used by non-IT specialists. The challenge for skilled community developers and professional development teams is to address the needs of the mainstream market with reliable, predictable and well supported industry-grade open source software. Similarly, users must learn how to manage open source professionally so as to adopt open source in a way that is also reliable and predictable. 

The Call for Presentations is open until March 13, 2022. The program and platform are optimized for the online format: strictly timed short presentations, well-timed breaks and dedicated chat rooms.

OW2con'22 will address the many challenges of ensuring reliable and predictable open source software.

The conference is free of charge.