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PostgreSQL Conference Europe 2012

Event date:
Published on: 06/09/2012

PostgreSQL Conference Europe, one of the leading worldwide conferences on PostgreSQL, is taking place from 23-26 October at the Corinthia Hotel in Prague, The Czech Republic.

Joe Celko, industry veteran and bestselling author, will be delivering the opening keynote. Joe will share with the audience a look into the way the industry first developed SQL, and what we will do next in the world of databases. In addition to Celko's keynote, other luminaries of the open source community and the business and public sectors including Bruce Momjian, co-founder of the PostgreSQL Global Development Group, EnterpriseDB, Magnus Hagander, Redpill Linpro, and Josh Berkus, PGExperts, all members of the PostgreSQL Core Team, as well as Simon Riggs, CTO of 2ndQuadrant and Guillaume Lelarge, CTO of Dalibo, both long-time contributors to the PostgreSQL community, will address topics ranging from database internals to end-user case studies for small companies, large multinational corporations and government organisations. The conference offers multiple parallel tracks and sessions in English and Czech. There will be PostgreSQL training sessions on October 23, the day prior to the opening day, with half and full day sessions on a range of topics.

The broad range of technical topics continues the PostgreSQL tradition of creating a conference that attracts a diverse attendance, from DBAs already using PostgreSQL or considering doing so to PostgreSQL contributors, application developers, and decision makers seeking to evaluate alternatives to proprietary databases. Topics this year include performance tuning, replication and scalability, cloud deployments, management of non-traditional data including geospatial information and ranges, and integration.

For more information, please visit the conference website at or go directly to the schedule at
About PostgreSQL Conference Europe 
PostgreSQL Conference Europe is organized by PostgreSQL Europe. PostgreSQL is the leading open source database system, with a global community of thousands of users and contributors and dozens of companies and organizations. The PostgreSQL Project builds on 25 years of engineering, starting at the University of California, Berkeley, and has an unmatched pace of development today. PostgreSQL's mature feature set not only matches top proprietary database systems, but also exceeds them in advanced database features, extensibility, security and stability. Learn more about PostgreSQL and participate in our community at

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