Qualipso Open World Forum


The international QualiPSo Conference and Open World Forum expects to bring together thousands attendees, open source software experts, and speakers from twenty countries, in order to explore the future of IT and cross-fertilize open source initiatives.

On the first day, the conference will focus on making open source adoption mainstream. Eight panel sessions are dedicated to this topic, as well as to quality certification, future trends in quality research, development of sustainable business models and legal aspects connected to open source.

On the second day, other central topics will be debated during the plenary session. International experts will concentrate their presentations on the role open source could play as a lever for economic development, future innovation and competitive differentiation.

The convention will take place in the centre of Paris. For further information on the venue: http://www.openworldforum.org/en/venue/

People interested in attending this event should registre via http://www.openworldforum.org/en/register/

Physical location
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