Staten-Generaal Open Standaarden

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Published on: 06/05/2013

This conference aims to give an impetus to a clear strategy and vision for data standardization for local governments, supported by all levels of government. The conference organisers write: "Local governments face enormous challenges: achieving a better service while reducing costs. A major stumbling block is the fragmentation of information, both between different authorities and within its own local government. To achieve better services, government administrators need an integrated work environment.

The members of Belgium's public administration consortium 'Open Standards in Local Government' are setting the default regarding the reuse of contact information and localization services to local governments. This semantic data standard, called 'OSLO allows public administrations to understand and re-use data from another service or application.

Participants of the conference will receive the detailed OSLO standard guide, including a detailed description of the core data regarding contact information and localization services. Expected Participants:


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