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Call for nominations for Galicia’s 11th Free Software Award


Universities in Spain’s autonomous region of Galicia can nominate free and open source software and hardware projects for the region’s annual ‘Premio ao Mellor Proxecto Universitario con Licenza Libre’ (Award for the Best Free Licensed University Project). The deadline for submissions is 2 October. The contest is organised by Amtega, Galicia’s agency for technological modernisation.

The image shows to persons jumping in the air at sunset. In front of the image is a banner advertising the award. The annual awards are a strategic part of Galicia’s plan to encourage free and open source in both the public and private sectors. “The award is an incentive for university students to work on open source software,” Amtega writes in its announcement on Mancomun, the organisation’s free software portal.

The contest is open to students registered at Galician universities in 2017–2018, for projects in their final year of study. The first prize is EUR 1,500, while the second-best project will win EUR 750. The prize money includes contributions from Cixug, Galicia’s academic IT services centre and the GPUL, universities’ free software user group.

Nominated sofware projects must have been realised with a free implementation of any programming language. The software developed for the projects must be published under a widely recognised free software licence. Free and open hardware projects may also participate. Details can be found on the award website.

The award was first organised in 2006 as an initiative of Igalia, a regional free software IT services provider. At the time, the company hoped to encourage more students to gain experience with free software. Amtega took over the award in 2011, and included it in its Free Software Action Plan. The award is a key element in strengthening the Galician free software ecosystem.

More information:

Mancomun announcement (in Galician)

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