Adullact about to unveil reva…

Adullact about to unveil revamped repository


France’s platform for civil servants working on free software, Adullact, has unveiled its revamped software development platform and repository. At its 6th annual congress, the association will also launch a label to highlight and reward French public administrations contributing to free software.

The 2016 Adullact Congress will take place in Montpellier, on 23 and 24 June. Speakers include France’s Chief Information Officer, Henri Verdier, the vice president of the Montpellier metropolitan area, Max Levita, the co-founder of Adullact, François Elie and representatives of France’s two largest Paris and Marseille.

The Adullact Conggress website

The association was founded in 2003, to support public administrations and local authorities in promoting, developing, and maintaining free software solutions. Adullact now has over 230 members, and across the world some 15,000 communities and governments benefit from their work. On its repository, the organisation makes 683 free software solutions available. The site has 10,773 registered users.

A major boost for the work of the association is the 2012 Ayrault memorandum. This policy urges all of the country’s public administrations to use free software alternatives, naming Adullact one of the leading examples.


More information:

Adullact conference website

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