Aragon parliament asks for op…

Aragon parliament asks for open source in schools


Members of parliament in Aragon, one of Spain’s autonomous communities, are urging the government to increase the use of open source software in education. On 2 December, parliamentarians asked the minister of education to strengthen support for the VitaLinux Education project, which is developing an Ubuntu-based distribution of open source software made especially for schools in the community.

A map showing use of Vitalinux in Aragon

This summer, the Aragon Parliament unanimously adopted a proposal asking the minister to implement VitaLinux in all public schools that want to participate in the project. A few months later, the ministry called on schools to register their interest in using VitaLinux.

Development of VitaLinux started in early 2014. The distro is already used in 4,000 of all 30,000 schools in Aragon.

More information:

Aragon parliament press release (in Spanish)

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