Austria awards 'Open Data Osc…

Austria awards 'Open Data Oscars'

Published on: 25/07/2016

Last month, the Austrian State Secretary Muna Duzdar handed out the 'Oscars of the Open Data Community'. The awards were part of the ' challenge 2016' organised earlier this year. The annual challenge aims to bring open data and ideas together in innovative and creative solutions.


The winners in the three categories were:

  • Idea category:
    '23⁰ — The World in Numbers' allows you to explore the "state of the earth" with regard to humanitarian, environmental and species protection matters. Numbers are translated into colours, making it easier to compare places, regions and countries.
  • Data set category:
    'Traffic needs in Austria' provides a data-driven presentation of the demand for public transport services such as already exist in many Austrian municipalities. It aims to improve the social and environmental aspects of mobility in rural areas.
  • Solution category:
    'Wave' is a voice assistant app for iOS. It answers questions about the locations of city bikes, distance to tram stops, and air quality in a city. The app provides a faster interface for visually impaired people than a touch interface.

Creating value

The ' challenge' is a good example of successful cooperation between ministries/authorities, academia, business and the community, the State Secretary said. Open data is essential to make Austria digitally fit. I see a large economic benefit, since the information and data are available to everyone. Know-how is utilised and the value increased. In addition, open data makes a major contribution to transparency, which is important to citizens and democratic politics.

A total of 44 projects were submitted to this challenge. In addition to the professional jury, this year for the first time "the crowd" — i.e. the online public — was asked to give their opinions as well. A total of 228 people submitted 975 ratings.