Award for Italy's Umbria regi…

Award for Italy's Umbria region's switch to LibreOffice

Published on: 07/06/2013

The switch by the Italian region of Umbria to the free and open source office suite LibreOffice is one of ten award winners at this year's Forum PA conference on 30 May. "Its achievements include the realisation of significant cost savings, increasing the efficiency of document management and, by using open document formats, ensuring interoperability", Forum PA announced.

The project was awarded also because it is making available all of its documentation, using a Creative Commons licence. "To emphasise that what we're doing can be done by others, public administrations, citizens and companies", LibreUmbria writes on its website.

The regional administration in September 2012 began replacing the ubiquitous proprietary office suite with LibreOffice. The project has already migrated 1 000 of the 6 000 civil servants working for the Province of Perugia, the larger of the region's two provinces.

The migration project is expected to be completed in June next year. Apart from the two provinces, the project will also migrate the region's health care organisation 'USL Umbria 1'. The project is carried out in cooperation with the Umbrian School of Public Administration, the region's open source resource centre and the regional chamber of commerce.

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