Belgian HR agency promoting u…

Belgian HR agency promoting use of open badges


Selor, the recruitment and selection agency for the Belgian public administration, is encouraging the use of Mozilla’s open badges, aiming to make the recognising of skills and achievements interoperable across organisations and systems. The HR agency is one of the organisers of the first Belgian workshop on Open Badges on 26 November.

Selor wants to adapt Mozilla’s Open Badges to ease the exchange of certified competences. Each badge is an image containing metadata on training, achievements and education, including supplier and validity. The badges can be easily shared by jobseekers and employers, across organisations and networks. Organisations involved in screening, training and certification can create their own badges and make them available to members and candidates.

Selor is promoting the use of Open Badges by the Belgium labour market, including agencies involved in recruitment and selection, education and public administrations. Open Badges is as an instrument to achieve the goal of a more mobile and flexible labour marke, says Vincent Van Malderen, Product & Innovation Manager at Selor. The agency is planning to unveil a bèta-version of its Open Badges on 26 November.

R is for statistics

OpenBadges is not the only open source tool in use at Selor. The organisation is increasingly turning to R, the open source statistical computing environment. In 2012, Selor began using R, to analyse the results of psychological tests. Since then, the use of the programming language and software environment has gradually expanded, and is now one of the main tools for experimenting. It has made R a recurrent topic for the agency’s internal training sessions.

“The flexibility is one reason to use R, and its large and active user community is another”, says Bert Jehoul, one of the six R users at Selor. And like R, the HR agency remains close to academic research communities.

The Selor statisticians have started a user group, to build up contacts with other R users, in public administration and elsewhere, The group is about to organise its first meeting.


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