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Authorities in Malta, Italy and UK test secure clouds based on open source


Malta’s Ministry of Finance, Italy’s Ministry of Economy and Finance, and the UK South East Regional Organised Crime Unit have implemented open source cloud systems to share data and services securely. Working together in an EU-funded Horizon 2020 research project, the three are sharing the main software components they developed as open source, publishing the code and documentation under the GPLv3, the EUPL and other public licences.

The website introduces the project as a software platform that uses a blockchain infrastructure to offer a decentralised and secure federation of private and public clouds. “The lack of reliable cross-cloud infrastructure hinders effective and practicable exploitation of clouds in the public sector,” the website says.

Between 2015 and 2017, the Maltese and Italian ministries and the British crime investigation unit implemented cloud services built with CentOS Linux and RedHat Linux. The Sunfish (SecUre iNFormatIon SHaring in federated heterogeneous private clouds) research project developed new and extended existing tools for management and administration, identity management, auditing, and anonymisation of data. The open source components are available on the project’s GitHub pages.

An image pulled from the Sunfish documentation

Other public services should be able to implement the Sunfish results, according to project leader Francesco Paolo Schiavo, Director General at Italy’s Ministry of Economy and Finance. “We are keen to develop new partnerships,” he says. The 13 members of the Sunfish consortium included public services, university researchers and IT companies.

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