Bulgaria moves towards open s…

Bulgaria moves towards open source repository

Published on: 25/04/2016
Last update: 22/11/2018

The Bulgarian parliament is likely to approve plans to start a repository for software developed by or for the government. The source code store is to be managed by a new organisation, the eGovernment Agency. The proposal has passed the first reading in the National Assembly on 15 April and is expected to be approved in a vote in May.

National Assembly logoThe plans for the new agency were submitted to the parliament in November. The bill amends the country’s 2007 eGovernment Act in order to create the new agency, and makes managing the source code store one of its responsibilities.

An amendment to Article 18 of the Act proposes to ‘implement and maintain a public, national source repository and revision control system for source code and technical documentation of information systems in public administrations’.

The source code store is intended to host software solutions developed by or for public administrations. According to the amendment, whenever public administrations are writing new software, and whenever they are upgrading existing software or systems, code must meet open source software criteria. Crucially, this gives the public administrations the right to modify the code and the right to share the code with others.

Mirror, mirror

According to eGovernment specialist Bozhidar Bozhanov, the code repository will most likely be mirrored to GitHub.


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