Bulgarian ‘Future is Code’ sc…

Bulgarian ‘Future is Code’ school project ongoing

Published on: 24/11/2015
Introduces some Bulgarian students to open source

Bulgaria’s ‘Future is Code’ initiative - where volunteers visit schools to introduce students and teachers to software development - which started in April, is continuing at least until the end of this month. The project has already introduced a handful of schools to open source. The volunteer-led project is supported by Bulgaria’s Ministry of Education.

Open source is not the main focus of the initative, explains Dimitar Dimitrov, one of the organisers. “However, it is an important part of my philosophy.” That is why the software developer is making the code of the project's website available using an open source licence. “If others want to use this code, they can. If others want to improve the website, they can”, he says.

Schools and students can benefit from open source, adds Stefan Krastev, one of the Future of Code volunteers. In May, Krastev introduced students and teachers, speaking at two schools in the town of Vidin. “With open source, they can participate in fun, real projects”, he says; “It also provides them useful contacts, and, for future developers it’s valuable open source experience.”

Linux distributor Red Hat also participated, speaking in schools in the city of Gorna Oryahovitsa. Open source software development was also the topic for at least one school in the capital Sofia.


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