Cambridge to contribute to cl…

Cambridge to contribute to cloud computing

Published on: 02/06/2016

Computer scientists at the University of Cambridge (UK) will contribute to the development of Openstack, an open source cloud computing platform, according to a press release by open source ICT services provider Red Hat.

The University of Cambridge will contribute high performance computing capabilities to the upstream OpenStack community, Red Hat says in a press release issued on 29 April.

From the announcement:

“The Cambridge Research Computing Service is responsible for hosting, system support, scientific support and service delivery of a large supercomputing resource for the University of Cambridge Research Community. Its principal facilities consist of a large CPU compute cluster (Darwin) and a world-leading energy efficient GPU compute cluster (Wilkes).”


The university’s computing service centre has implemented OpenStack on its own, but has contracted Red Hat to help use the platform to offer computing-as-a-service.

Earlier this year, Unikernel, a Cambridge University spin-off cloud computing operating systems specialist, was bought by Docker, a US-based provider of cloud solutions.


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