Cenatic and Extremadura to co…

Cenatic and Extremadura to continue development of Linex


The Government of the autonomous region Extremadura in Spain will continue to support the development of the Linex open source distribution, says Teodomiro Cayetano López, Director General de Administración electrónica y Evaluación. Future work will be done together with Cenatic, the country's resource centre on free and open source software.

"We are trying to provide Linex with a new roadmap, close to other regional Linux distributions and by sharing the maintenance costs whith our partners in Cenatic."

Cenatic has its offices in Almendralejo, in the Extremadura region. The region's government is one of eight autonomous communities that sits on the board, together with the Spanish government.

With his comments, CIO Cayetano López responds to reports earlier this week in Spanish newspapers, open source news site LWN, on Facebook and on mailing lists, that the government decided to halt the development of Linex. He explains that the newly elected government of Extremadura is not about to halt the use of free and open source in schools: "The IT environment at schools in Extremadura will remain as it is and its future will be considered depending on the evolution of Linex, which is deployed in the desktops and laptops for the pupils. Any consideration about this will always take into account the use of free software."

The Linex distro, based on Debian GNU/Linux, is used on 70,000 PCs used in schools and on 15,000 PCs in healthcare, writes to one of the developers involved in a message to a Debian mailing list, earlier this week.

Extremadura's CIO refers to an article published on Tuesday in the regional edition of the Spanish newspaper Hoy, that also mentions the transition of the development of Linex to Cenatic. According to the newspaper, the administration reasons that sharing the cost of development with similar projects is cheaper.


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