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Czech open source group considers government app repository

Published on: 22/08/2013

The Czech Open Source Alliance is working on an open source software repository, similar to one hosted on the European Union's Joinup platform. In July the alliance announced it is creating a repository with the assistance of the newest member of the advocacy group, computer services firm PC HELP.

In a post on its website, the group explains that is intends the repository to become the place where public administrations and educational organisations can find all necessary information on open source. The portal will also focus on commercial and non-profit users of open source. Apart from providing information, the portal will link to free and open source consultancies, introduce methods to do quality assessment and detail ways to use it to offer software as a service.

Preparations for the software repository started in February, but Martin Choubla, chairman of the advocacy organisation, at the time said the group was still securing funding, including by asking the alliance's members.

Building the platform is one of the ways for the advocacy group to increase the use of open source by Czech public administrations, he commented. "Unfortunately, at the moment open source is not a priority."


More information:

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Tue, 11/11/2014 - 22:19

I wonder when open source will be finally a priority for public organisations.