Czech TV and radio switch websites to Drupal

Czech TV and radio switch web…

Published on: 13/08/2015 News Archived

The Czech government-owned public TV broadcaster Česká televize has switched to using the open source content management system Drupal for its CT 24 news website, it announced on 6 August. One month earlier, the government-owned Český rozhlas (Czech Radio) also began using Drupal.

CT24’s transition to Drupal (version 7) has been tested for several months. The CMS adapts the site’s content to the screen of the computing device, making it as usable for users of a PC, as well as for users of a tablet computer or a smartphone. “In recent months, the Czech Republic has dramatically increased coverage for fast mobile internet and CT24 is now ready to viewers its news service to offer anytime, anywhere” CT said in a statement.

“This is Czech TV’s first Drupal project”, says Zdeněk Lanc, Head of Design & Development at Czech TV. CT is now preparing to transition its Sports site and the huge video on demand service to Drupal, he adds. “We are using version 7 and we look forward to version 8 when it becomes stable.”

The fact that Drupal is available as open source software is important to CT, Lanc says. “The community is important; it allows us to benefit from others and to contribute. It also makes it easier for programmers to immerse themselves in the development process.”

Order module

CT will later this month contribute its first open sourced module, says Lanc. “The module lets our editors schedule the order of articles on the homepage and other sections.” A demo version of the module has been presented at DrupalCamp Bratislava, in June.

According to Lanc, there is no governmental policy to use open source solutions such as Drupal, “The link is personal”, he says, “the decision makers share their experiences.”

Czech Radio began looking for Drupal expertise late 2013. The transition project to Drupal version 7 ended in June this year. According to a study by Aira Group, the ICT service provider involved in the implementation of Drupal for both CT 24 and Český rozhlas, the move to Drupal should lower costs.


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