Danish OS2 community for open…

Danish OS2 community for open source is professionalising

Published on: 02/05/2017

OS2, an open source community open to all Danish public agencies, is in the middle of a professionalisation process. Over the last year, our focus has been on governance, says Business Manager Rasmus Frey. We decided on a new organisation and government model at the general assembly last year. This allows us to support projects and products throughout their entire lifecycles, taking them through the various stages of becoming mature open-source projects — to the benefit of the many.

The OS2 portfolio of OSS products now consists of twelve ready-to-use open-source solutions. According to Frey, one-third of OS2 members use two products from the portfolio, and another third use three or more products in their municipalities. The most popular product is the OS2kitos IT portfolio management system; it is in use at 75 of the 98 Danish municipalities. That is way more than we even have members.

The OS2 community now consists of 56 of the 98 Danish municipalities. It still is a volunteer public network that you join because you want to have influence and take part in the development and digitalisation of the Danish public sector, Frey explains. We are working with 47 collaborating vendors who have all signed our code of conduct. These vendors support the open-source model and help the community in developing fantastic solutions.

First employee

In March 2016, Frey was hired as the first employee of OS2. So we now have a full-time business manager responsible for the day-to-day operation of the community. This has given us an enormous boost in results. It has allowed the OS2 board to move from a working board into a role focused on strategy and further development of the OS2 network.

As a result, we have strengthened our cooperation with other public networks (SBSYS and DIGIT) and with the Danish national organisations for municipalities (KL — Local Government Denmark, KOMBIT). And we initiated the OS2cloud as a service platform allowing our members to launch servers, OS2 products, and other open-source solutions. The built-in OS2app store makes it easy to deploy and use OSS products in Danish public organisations.


For this year, our focus will be on developing more projects into products, Frey continues. We will strengthen our governance processes and prepare the organisation to manage an increasing number of small projects and micro-services. Since a lot of our members are working on IoT projects, we will look into open-source hardware models and the governance of data. Of course, there is still a lot of ground to cover with regard to traditional software, so that will continue to get our full attention.