Danish school to switch to op…

Danish school to switch to open source-based cloud PCs

Published on: 30/08/2013

The Danish town of Ballerup this autumn wants to switch students and teachers to cloud-based PCs. This includes moving the school to using online applications, according to a report published today by Version2, a Danish IT news site.

The municipality has published a request for tender, asking for cloud-based school computers, that come with a free operating system and free access to a cloud-based office suite, adding as an example Chromebook, which is based on open source. The contract's estimated value is 1,1 million Danish kroner (about 150,000 euro).

The computers are intended for students and teachers in class 4, 5 and 6, and are intended as complimentary to the existing PCs, Version2 reports today. The news site quotes Jesper Bak, an IT consultant for the municipality, who explains that by moving to cloud-based computers, the town wants to reduce IT maintenance.


He says that many educational applications rely on proprietary multimedia software that require frequent updates. On many PCs this is a time-consuming task, that can only be done by IT administrators. "Restoring and updating the computer's operating system and software must be handled by the provider of the cloud provider, with minimal personal involvement", Ballerup writes in its request.

The consultant explains that the cloud-based PCs is intended to make switching to new software solutions easier. Instead of having to install a new application on each and every PC, the tools are simply accessed online by teachers and pupils.

That the municipal administration adds Chromebook in its request as an example is no coincidence, Bak tells Version2. "I do not think it is relevant to talk about something other than the Chromebook. There are different suppliers of this kind of solution, but it is the Google system we're looking at."


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