Danish taxes seek Linux and A…

Danish taxes seek Linux and Apache services

Published on: 02/11/2016

Denmark’s tax authorities (SKAT) are looking for a service provider that can help them with their tax account system, which uses Apache and Linux servers. SKAT on Wednesday published new information on its procurement request from last month.

The call for tender also seeks support for maintenance of a proprietary Java application server, a proprietary database, and a proprietary enterprise warehouse system. The 4-year contract has an estimated value of DKK 240 million (about EUR 32 million).

The deadline for submitting offers is 28 November.

The request describes a two-tiered Skattekontoen (tax account) system, with Debitormotoren (DMO) and a Debitor Motor Service (DMS). The former is for transactions between SKAT and businesses, and the latter provides financial information to SKAT’s partner organisations. “The DMO provides the business logic”, SKAT writes on its website, “and the DMS presents the DMO data through a portal.”

Similar to many other SKAT systems, Skattekontoen is designed as a service-oriented architecture. The operating system for Skattekontoen is Red Hat Linux.

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