Data Lake in Luxembourg

Luxembourg launches open data lake for space analytics

Published on: 21/08/2019
Last update: 09/09/2019

Spire Global, a large space-to-cloud analytics company co-funded with the Luxembourg Space Agency, is one of the largest open data lakes for space data analytics. As of July 2019, the open data lake provides reliable and critical data at no charge to startups, public agencies and research institutes in Luxembourg.


A Spire Global ground station | SPIRE GLOBAL
A Spire Global ground station | SPIRE GLOBAL


Spire Global is a data and analytics company that collects data from space to solve problems on Earth. Owning and operating one of the largest satellite constellations in the world, Spire identifies, tracks, and predicts the movement of the world's resources and weather systems so that businesses and governments can make more informed decisions.

In July 2019, Spire Global launched an open data lake solution, co-funded by the Luxembourg Space Agency’s LuxIMPULSE national space programme. Along with Luxembourg’s traditional economic sectors, the Luxembourg Space Agency, under the authority of the Ministry of the Economy, aims to promote the development of new downstream services and products in Luxembourg. The data lake provides space data analytics free of charge to local startups, public agencies and research institutes. It is one of the largest such lakes in the world.

The abovementioned entities in Luxembourg can freely determine how to use the data. Opportunities present themselves on the topics of aviation, maritime, weather, government and supply chain logistics. For example, the satellites monitoring weather and climate help face the threat of climate change by providing accurate weather data about the entire planet.