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Spain publishes source code of its open data platform


In November, the Spanish government published as open source the code for its open data platform data.gob.es. The portal combines the Drupal content management system with CKAN open data repository software and seven CKAN extensions developed by the Spanish government.

All of these components are now available on Github.

The extensions include a way to use CKAN’s authentication system in Drupal, a supplement to CKAN’s metadata schema to include Spanish requirements for the reuse of information, a solution to allow federation of data catalogues, and tools to integrate the platform with Google Analytics.

Technology details of Spain's open data portal


“The project, in addition to providing a data catalogue manager, a Linked Data API solution and a SPARQL query point, implements two highly complex technological requirements: federation and multi-language”, writes Spain’s Centro de Transferencia de Technologica (Centre for Technology Transfer, or CTT).

More details on the technology used is available on the data portal itself. The policy context is explained on the CTT web site.

More information:

Announcement by CTT (in Spanish)

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