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Elections in Hesse: new coalition expected to favour open source


The Free Software Foundation Europe (FSFE) expects next week’s elections in the German federal state of Hesse to result in a coalition containing at least one party that favours open source. The advocacy group reached this conclusion by combining polls with the results of the Digital-O-Mat, an online portal that maps parties’ positions on key digital topics.

The Digital-O-Mat analysed the positions of six parties taking part in the state election in Hesse on 28 October. Citizens can use the Digital-O-Mat to match their opinions with those of the political parties. After answering a few questions, they see which of the six parties in Hesse favours open source for public services, and their opinions on freedom of information and mass surveillance.

The screenshot from the Digital-O-Mat website shows questions with tickboxes to be used by website visitors
The Digital-O-Mat for the Hesse state election on 28 October 2018.

Based on its survey, the FSFE expects the new coalition to contain at least one party favouring free software. Three of the six parties involved advocate the use of free software by public services. These three also want to make public all software source code written by or for public services’ ICT solutions.

In the current coalition the Greens/Büdnis 90 are in favour of free software, writes the FSFE, but the CDU wants things to stay as they are.

The Digital-O-Mat itself is free software, based on code originally developed for the German newspaper Der Tagesspiegel. It has also been used for the state election in Bavaria earlier in October, for the elections in North-Rhine Westfalia, and for the Bundestag elections in 2017.

More information:

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