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Germany boosts digital teaching and learning via open source portal


Germany intends to modernise teaching, saying that a digital transformation of the education sector is needed to prepare the country’s future generations for a digital society. The Ministry of Education and Research is financing the creation of a ‘Schul Cloud’ (School Cloud) made available as open source software.

Schul Cloud, a ‘teaching and learning infrastructure’, is being developed by the Hasso-Plattner-Institut (HPI). The software is available on GitHub, and published using the Affero General Public License.

This is the second open source portal funded by the Ministry of Education. In 2016 the ministry unveiled OER, where it collects [[pedagogically meaningful]] open educational resources that can be freely modified and shared by teachers and schools. That portal is also based on open source, in this case WordPress, Apache, and Suse Linux.

The image shows the German chancellor holding a tablet PC, surrounded by colleagues and others
Schul Cloud was demonstrated to Federal Chancellor Angela Merkel and ministers of her cabinet earlier this month during a meeting at HPI.

Schul Cloud will provide the “technical basis for teachers and students to be able to use modern digital teaching and learning content in the same way that apps can be used via smartphones or tablets,” explains the website.

Schul Cloud is being piloted by all of the 316 schools on Mint-Ec, a network of schools emphasising mathematics, computer science, science and technology. According to Mint-Ec, the schools have around 336,000 students and 27,000 teachers.

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