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Dutch fund improvement to Apache web services

Dutch fund improvement to Apa…

Published on: 26/05/2014 News Archived

The Dutch Ministry of the Interior has funded one of the core contributors to Apache CXF, a framework for web services, to improve support for reliable messages (WS-ReliableMessaging, WSRM 1.2). This support was included at the request of Logius, a ministerial department assisting government organisations in building e-government services.

The WSRM 1.2 extension will be implemented in several large government projects that are based on Apache CXF.

Logius hopes that by including it in Apache CXF, it will be useful to other public administrations as well. "By releasing the software under an open source licence it can be used freely by other parties", the agency explains in its announcement on 21 May. "Logius is financed by communal funds. It is therefore important that these funds are spent for the benefit of the community."

Re-use options

The new options could, for example, be useful for public administrations implementing the EU's procurement solution Peppol, Logius suggests. The service organisation adds that it is also useful for enterprises, since many are using Apache CXF based solutions.

The WSRM 1.2 support was developed by the New Zealand IT specialist Sosnoski Software Associates. "We selected them for this small project because they are one of the core contributors to Apache CXF", explains Tom Peelen, lead architect for Logius. The code is made available under the same licence as the rest of the Apache CXF project, the Apache licence.


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