Dutch govt should consider sh…

Dutch govt should consider sharing all its software

Published on: 07/12/2016

The Dutch government is to create a vision document on how all software developed for and by public administrations can be made available as open source. On Tuesday, the Lower House of the Dutch Parliament agreed that sharing software developed for or by the government has significant benefits, including information security, efficiency and openness.

The Lower House voted in favour of a proposal by three Members of Parliament, Astrid Oosenbrug, Ronald van Raak, and Linda Voortman, asking the government:

“to come up with a vision document that addresses the question of whether and how the source code of [government produced] software  can be made available as open source software.”

Website of the Dutch Lower House linking to the request on open source

In October, the Lower House asked the government to make the use of open ICT standards mandatory for public administrations. The parliament also wants the government to restart its open source resource centre - to actively promote the use of open source software. The government has appointed an Erasmus University Rotterdam professor and consultant to study the requirements of the resource centre.

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