DYNAcity project starts mobil…

DYNAcity project starts mobility pilot in Flemish city of Ghent

Published on: 12/09/2016

The DYNAcity project has started to provide one hundred participants in a pilot with real-time mobility information for the city of Ghent. Before departing, travelers can check the service for the availability of shared bicycles and parking spots, for weather forecasts, road works, public transport schedules, and suchlike. The information allows them to choose alternative routes and means of transport.

The mobility service is based on information published on the open data portal of the City of Ghent. It also incorporates data from innovative sources like thermal cameras and a carpool system. Participants in the pilot will receive travel advice each morning through a pop-up on their mobile phones.

Flanders Institute for Mobility

The DYNAcity project is an initiative of the Flanders Institute for Mobility (VIM). It investigates which information and mobility a city should offer in order for travelers to be willing and able to travel more efficiently. We still do not consider using alternative transport means often enough. The lack of relevant information prior to and during the trip is the biggest stumbling block for most people.

VIM is part of Pact 2020, an agreement between social partners and "captains of society" stating twenty ambitious objectives in the area of prosperity, welfare and sustainability. The institute has committed itself to reaching 1,000,000 vehicle hours lost less on Flemish roads by 2020.