Estonian finance ministry see…

Estonian finance ministry seeks OSS service provider

Published on: 10/05/2016
Last update: 23/10/2019

The Estonian Ministry of Finance is looking for a service provider to host, maintain and support its open-source-based portal infrastructure. The framework contract runs for three years and has an estimated value of 300,000 Euro.

The Estonian internet platform has been managed for the central government by the Ministry of Finance since 2009. Its components are built on various open-source software packages:

  • the KOVTP local government web portal:
    based on the Liferay Content Management System (CMS), running on the Linux operating system, the Apache web server and the PostgreSQL database system;
  • the KOVMEM local government procedural environment:
    implemented as a plugin component (portlet) to the KOVTP system;
  • the mobile app 'Let me know!', used to send notifications:
    available on Android, iOS and Windows;
    the server part of this application is written in the Python programming language, and runs on Linux, Apache and PostgreSQL;
  • the VOLIS local government council / government information system, facilitating electronic council/government meetings, opinion polls, and online budgets:
    written in the Java programming language, using the GlassFish and Grails frameworks, and based on PostgreSQL;
  • the RPIS spatial planning information system:
    runs on Linux, Apache and PostgreSQL.

Tenders for this contract should be submitted by 1 July.

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