France renews SILL reference…

France renews SILL reference list of free software


France has extended its reference list of free software (SILL - Socle Interministériel de logiciel libre), including  Cloud Computing, virtualisation and new development tools.

SILL 2017 now lists 140 free software solutions, 13 more than last year. The SILL 2017 was approved on January 19, 2017 by DINSIC and the IT departments of Ministries.

SILL was first published in 2012, following the publication of the Ayrault Memorandum, named after the then-Prime Minister Jean-Marc Ayrault.This guideline instructs administrations to consider free software when procuring IT solutions. SILL lists  the certified software that  is used at the ministries and classifies solutions by topics and usage, such as security, infrastructure , design and development, IT operations, data and content management

Free software is at the center of France’s general  IT strategy. The goal is to encourage openness and interoperability of systems. For example, France has been deploying an infrastructure of Cloud Computing (based on the open source software OpenStack) to pool IT public resources. Some other key projects also include VITAM, an open archiving platform, also based on free software and using new tools for development.

The SILL is par of a large-scale software support contract that was also be signed by ministries and some governmental agencies in 2016. .

One of the key additions to SILL 2017 is the category “Virtualisation”. IT includes software dealing with modern IT architecture such as containers, and modern IT management  such as Puppet and Chef. New components for storage include Ceph and OpenStack Swift.

MariaDB is now one of the recommended  databases, but SILL 2017 no longer lists Cassandra (an NoSQL database) . Jitsi (instant messaging) has replaced Pidgin and VeraCrypt is now the sole tool for encryption.

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