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France’s open data lab launches study into open source and education

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Published on: 25/09/2020 News Archived

Etalab, the French governmental open data lab, has begun a study on the importance of open source software in higher education and research. The study will identify open source use in education, and compare institutional strategies on open data and open access and the sovereignty of education.

Inno³ (pronounced “inno-cube”), a Paris-based consultancy specialising in open data and open source, was involved in the study. Earlier this month Inno³ asked for respondents to its questionnaire "Pratiques de publication de codes sources au sein de l'Enseignement Supérieur et de la Recherche" ("Publication practices for source code within higher education and research)".

The (now closed) survey aimed to create a preliminary overview of open source in higher education and research, including needs and barriers. Respondents were encouraged to include links to projects based on open source. However, such project suggestions are still welcome, says Benjamin Jean, president of Inno³.

“This first questionnaire was in French but our goal is to translate it into English to gain international information and a wider context,” Mr Jean told the Commission’s Open Source Observatory. He and his colleagues are also interested to hear about similar studies and policies developed in other countries on open source and education.

More information:

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