French government grants for…

French government grants for two open source development projects


The French government will award two open source development projects, Richelieu and Safepython, with grants of respectively 0,9 million euro and 1,3 million euro, the Ministry of Industrial Renewal announced on 1 August. The grants (come from both the French government and local governments in the Paris Region.

Richelieu is a project to industrialise Vmkit, open source software used for building virtual machines. The project stems from Scilab, numerical computation software developed by Inria, a governmental IT research institute.

With Safepython, the French software firm Wallix aims to develop open source software to analyse code that is written in the open source programming language Python.

The two projects were nominated for grants earlier this year by the Groupe Thématique Logiciel Libre, the free and open source working group of Systematic. Systematic is an association of companies and research organisations, supported by Paris' authorities, economic development agencies and the French government.

Richelieu and Safepython are the 32nd and 33rd open source projects that GTLL managed to get funded.

The working group, founded five years ago, has nearly one-hundred members, mainly IT companies and software research centres. Members include Inria, the University Paris 7 Denis Diderot and companies, such as Wallix, but also Air France and Alcatel-Lucent.

"GTLL encourages collaborative research and development projects", introduces its chairperson, Stefane Fermigier. The groups funding comes from the French national government, the Paris region and other local administrations and the European Research and Development Fund. "We are now also trying to get some programs funded by the EU's Seventh Framework Programme (FP7) and the Eureka network."

More information:
Press release by the ministry of Industrial Renewal (in French)
Press release by GTLL (in French)

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