French municipal syndicate to…

French municipal syndicate to share case system


In October, Cogitis, a French ICT service provider for local public administrations, will share as open source software MutualiTIC, its case management system.

MutualiTIC improves communication and cooperation, and creates a digital workflow, says Cogitis. The solution offers web-based services that are tailored to elected officials, staff at municipalities and inter-municipal cooperatives.

screenshot from the presentation

Cogitis developed the software for its members, built on open source components including the workflow management solution WebGFC, the electronic signature solution iParapheur and the enterprise service bus Pastell.

The syndicate runs MutualiTIC as a cloud service, managing the required computing, storage and networking resources for its members.

There are many good reasons to choose open source, says Cogitis. The ecosystem is virtuous, and France has plenty of commercial ICT service providers. Moreover, the system can be entirely controlled. “It is essential that our cloud services stays within France’s borders”, said Cogitis project mananger Véronique Brives, who presented MutualiTIC at the Adullact Congrès 2016 on 24 June in Montpellier.

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Adullact Congrès 2016

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