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OpenEuropa developers contribute to open source


OpenEuropa’s software developers working on the European Commission’s Drupal-based software projects also contribute to related open source projects. When they come across a bug in a component needed for their EC projects, and they know how to fix it, they submit patches to help the upstream projects move forward. On Wednesday 12 September at the DrupalEurope conference in Darmstadt (Germany) members of the OpenEuropa team will talk about the ways they can contribute to open source projects.

The developers will also introduce their projects – published under the European Union’s Public Licence (EUPL) – and provide a high-level overview of the architecture of web-related information systems at the European Commission.

The presentation on the European Commission’s OpenEuropa initiative starts at 11:30 in “Spectrum A”, the keynote room of the Darmstadtium, the city’s conference centre.

A screenshot of the website of the EC, showing its open source strategy (in so many words).

The next day at the same conference, the European Commission will give an overview of its use of open source software, and provide some insights in the renewal of its open source strategy. The presentation will also address the key challenges and roadblocks to increase the use of open source software in public services.

In addition, the presentation will update conference attendees on the EU-FOSSA 2 project, which aims to improve the security of open source software in use by the European institutions. The 2.6 million euro 2017–2019 EU-FOSSA 2 project was proposed by three members of the European Parliament. It follows on from the 1 million euro EU-FOSSA pilot in 2015–2016.

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