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Greece concludes public consu…

Greece concludes public consultation on draft public administration law

Published on: 16/12/2015

The Greek Ministry of the Interior and Administrative Reconstruction last week concluded a public consultation on the draft law 'Transparency, Meritocracy and Effectiveness of Public Administration'. The consultation ran from Wednesday 2 December to Thursday 10 December, or for a total of eight days, including the weekend.

The comments sections were organised per article, with 31 in total. The number of comments per article varied from two to almost 500. The latter concerned article 29 on the 'Heads of organisational units — procedure and superiors selection criteria', which sums up the job requirements for directors, the selection criteria and the weighing. In total there were 1186 comments, giving an average of 38 per article.

On the consultation website, Deputy Minister of the Interior and Administrative Reconstruction Christopher Vernardakis thanked all the participants for their contributions. The constructive suggestions, comments and ideas submitted will be processed and will be taken into account in order to improve the provisions of the draft law.