Greece holds public consultat…

Greece holds public consultation on re-opening of national TV network

Published on: 08/04/2015

The Greek government has held a three-day public consultation on the re-opening of the public TV channel ERT. The consultation was opened on the national open government portal,, on March 9 and closed on March 12 at 10.00. In total, 583 comments were added by Greek citizens.

Through this public consultation, the State Ministry in charge of national broadcasting asked Greek citizens to contribute to the elaboration of a draft law which will reinstate ERT. All the propositions contained in this bill were open to comments and public suggestions.

“All constructive suggestions will be taken into account to finalise the draft bill”, the State Ministry said.

For example, article 16 of the new bill - which is a modification of a former law - states that the new ERT should re-hire employees that were previously let go from the station. This article received the most commentary - with 203 people adding comments.

A continuous public broadcasting service

The Greek government at the time ordered the closure of the national channel ERT (Hellenic Broadcasting Corporation) on June 11 2013, and the dismissal of all of its near 3 000 employees. The Greek Public Broadcaster was also dissolved by a Common Ministerial Decision, according to, a local news website.

Through this new bill, which is now being considered by the Greek Parliament (from March 12), the new government wants to legally formalise the re-opening of ERT.

“The proposed draft law will assure the uninterrupted supply of a national public broadcasting channel, in a continuous flow, which could work in respect of constitutional principles”, the text of the public consultation said.

According to the Ministry in charge of national broadcasting, the closing of ERT in June 2013 represents a “serious violation of the principles of continuity expected from a public service”. 

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