Greece ready to test public c…

Greece ready to test public consultation process

Published on: 23/03/2016

The Greek government has initiated a pilot to evaluate a process of public consultation in the country. This action is part of the government’s strategy to enhance transparency and citizen participation in political life. The consultation will be tested on a legislative initiative to be taken by the Ministry for the Mobility of Public Servants, the government said.

This project will be made in collaboration with the Region of Western Macedonia and aims at implementing a new methodology to collect and analyse comments to be published during the consultation. Results of the consultation will then be wrapped up in a report and taken into account during preparation of the draft bill.

Assess the methodology

According to the Greek government, the goal of this pilot is to assess the methodology and the procedure and evaluate if it could be applied across the administration.  EKDDA is taking part in the process.

EKDDA defines itself as the National Centre for Public Administration and Local Government. It is “the national strategic agent for the development of the human resources of the public administration and local government”, the institution writes on its website.

This eParticipation pilot is a key element of the eGovernment plan of Greece. The government has already implemented parts of its plan, including the Hermes portal, which centralises online services to citizens.

Christopher Vernardakis, the Deputy Minister of Interior and Administrative Reconstruction, also reminded that Greece is working at implementing open data policies and usage in the country. He said that "open data policies which encourage the re-use of public sector information for private or commercial purposes can play an important role in the rapid development of services”.

In a prepared statement, he added: "The expected beneficial effect is to enhance both transparency and participation, and to create new opportunities for actors of civil society and start-ups, to provide value-added services, using the open data available to public bodies."