Greece: a workshop to help ci…

Greece: a workshop to help citizens get involved 3rd NAP

Published on: 10/06/2016

A workshop organised by Open Knowledge Greece on May 30 allowed a group a citizens to formulate more than 32 proposals which could be incorporated in the next OGP Action Plan of Greece.

This workshop took place during the event “Open Government: Participate, Propose and Be Heard! Conformation of the Third National Action Plan 2016-2018”, which was co-organised by the Ministry of Interior and Administrative Reconstruction and Aristotle University.

The participants in this workshop were asked to make proposals on three topics: integrity and accountability, access to information; and provision of authorisation to the citizens, the Open Knowledge International revealed on its blog.

Their proposals were then discussed and evaluated by the teams. A final document was created with the most important proposals and submitted to the Ministry. The government will now assess these proposals to integrate them as measures or commitments in the third Action Plan of Greece (for the period 2016-2018). The measures will have to be approved by the Greek Parliament.

“It won’t just be a report conducted by some experts and technocrats but it will be debated and edited by the competent parliamentary committee and then approved by the Parliament itself”, a representative said.

“It is the third Action Plan and it includes the Transparency Initiative, the open data platform and the citizens’ participation in commenting on the laws which we could say aren’t working satisfactorily”, a representative of Open Knowledge Greece explained. “Because we think that, apart from the citizens’ participation, there should also be feedback from the public services to confirm whether the comments have been taken into consideration or not”, he added.

As a video shows, there were also discussions on the format of open data which needs to be open to encourage editing and reuse.