Helsinki region utilities tur…

Helsinki region utilities turn to open source

Published on: 04/03/2016
Last update: 23/10/2019

Helsinki Region Environmental Services Authority (HSY) is turning to open source software solutions for its web applications and other online services. The first open source-based service to go live is the one for water metering. Others will follow soon, says Risto Sipilä, who works for Cybercom, an IT consultancy contracted by HSY to help build the services.

The company uses mainly open source components for the HSY project.

Overhaul of the HSY services are part of a larger modernisation of eGovernment services - the national service-oriented architecture project, Kansallisen palveluarkkitehtuurin (KAPA), funded by the Ministry of Finance. There are many public administrations involved in KAPA, including the tax administration, the population register centre and the city of Mikkeli. The services central IT architecture is planned to be completed in 2017.

HSY provides water and does the waste management to the Helsinki metropolitan area, which includes three of the four largest cities in the country: Helsinki, Espoo and Vantaa. HSY is also involved in monitoring the environment, measuring air quality and helping to promote the area’s climate strategies.

The new water metering services lets users report their water meter values online. Users can authenticate themselves by using either the country’s eID card, a mobile phone, or the country’s Suomifi citizen code. Once authenticated, water meter values are submitted to the HSY.

Using KAPA’s central authentication method and the central eGovernment portal makes it much easier for citizens to report water meter value, Cybercom explains in a news item on the website of the Finnish Centre for Open Source Solutions (COSS).


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