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Hungarian tax authority wants source code for system upgrade


Hungary’s National Tax and Customs Administration (NTCA) is looking for software service providers to upgrade its central tax information exchange system. The NTCA currently uses a mix of proprietary and open source components, including Linux servers and Apache Geronimo servers for Java applications. All custom code developed for the upgrade must be handed over to the NTCA, the organisation specifies.

The tax authority wants to be able to study, recompile, replicate and reproduce all custom-written code and related documentation, mainly to make sure it can be trusted to run safely.

An image from the specifications: it shows an blue cloud with grey bars that link it to various orange-coloured IT domains One of the easiest ways to share source code like this is by making it available under an open source licence. The NTCA is not specifically requesting any use of an open source licence. However, it does want offers to specify the cost involved in making source code available.

The NTCA’s information system manages the exchange between all of the country’s customs offices, the agency itself, and customs agencies in other countries. The request specifically calls for Linux experts with experience in running tax systems developed for the European Commission’s DG TAXUD, the directorate-general responsible for EU policies on taxation and customs.

The tender specifications indicate that the agency uses Linux for its mail servers, and is replacing IBM’s AIX Unix systems with Linux.

The deadline for submitting offers is 30 October at 10.00.

More information:

Request (in Hungarian)
Further request specifications (in Hungarian)

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