Infrabel seeking support for…

Infrabel seeking support for range of open source solutions

Published on: 23/12/2015
Hundreds of Linux servers at Belgian railways

Infrabel, Belgium’s government-owned railway network management company, is requesting services and support for two enterprise Linux systems, Red Hat and Suse. Infrabel also seeks support many other open source solution, including network monitoring tools Logstash, Zabbix and Rsyslog, and Java applicatieserver Jboss (renamed WildFly).

Infrabel is offering a 4-year support contract. Deadline for submitting offers is 25 January.

It is looking for a single company to help maintain, support and update its hundreds of Linux servers. The company estimates it will use about 850 (virtual) Linux servers. “Infrabel reserves the right to increase or lower this number as needed, without having to compensate the supplier”, the company writes in its tender document.

Automatic automation

The request for offer also mentions Linbit DRBD, software for management of clusters of Linux servers. Infrabel also uses Openshift, as a platform as a service solution, and requests assistance for the use of Ansible and Rundeck, tools for the automatic deployment of software applications.

Contenders are also asked to act as intermediaries in procuring services from software firms that are involved in development of the open source solutions. Candidate companies are required to show a turnover of at least EUR 200,000 for providing services and support on open source solutions. They also need to have provided such services to at least three clients over the past five years.


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