IT: University starts Open So…

IT: University starts Open Source master course


The University of Perugia is offering a master course on Open Source. "Software developers and IT policy makers need to understand the importance and potential of this type of software and how to combine it with proprietary IT systems."

University of PerugiaThe 'Master di I° Livello in Sistemi e Tecnologie Free Libre Open Source per la Società dell'Informazione e della Comunicazione' (First level master in Open Source systems and technology for the Information Society) was presented during a seminar on Open Source in the city of Orvieto, on 13 September.

Students who complete the training are expected to be able to use, and implement Open Source technologies and Open Standards. "They should be able to deploy such applications in mission critical and high-performance systems", the University writes on it's website for the master course. "They should be able to use Open Standards to increase access to services and to make the use of IT systems easier."

The list of classes include the use of Open Source systems for identification and authentication and for digital signatures, security and risk analysis of Open Source systems and introductions in distributed IT systems. Students will also be taught the basics of Open Source programming languages, learn about licence and copyright issues and will be introduced to the internationalisation and localisation of software. "This master course will enable the student to develop software projects based on Open Source technologies and provide them with the know how to integrate these with proprietary IT systems."

Courses are given by University staff as well as by specialists from IT companies. One of these, Roberto Galoppini, an Open Source consultant and member of the advisory board of Sourceforge, a well-known Open Source software repository: "The IT industry needs developers able to cope with Open Source communities. We aim is to help students to be ready, in order to be tomorrow's contributors."



The university offers the course to a maximum of thirty students. Registration closes on 31 October. The course will last about 38 weeks and includes a internship of several months. The course costs 3500 euro.

The Open Source master course is an initiative of the University of Perugia, the Open Source competence centre of the regional government of Umbria (Ccossi), the Foundation for Education in the city of Orvieto and several IT companies in the region.


More information:


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