Italian municipality calls fo…

Italian municipality calls for sharing of IT solutions


The council of Mappano (Italy) is calling for public administrations to share their IT solutions. The Mappano municipality is starting from scratch, and the new council has decided to build its IT infrastructure, and offer its eGovernment services, using free and open source software.

Earlier this month, Mappano elected a council for the first time at municipal elections. The municipality was established in 2013 by merging subdivisions of other municipalities, and had been temporarily administrated by a prefect.

One of the first decisions taken by the Mappano council concerned IT infrastructure. “This is a rare opportunity to build an administration’s IT infrastructure from scratch, without legacy constraints”, says Roberto Guido, president of the Italian Linux Society, who was contacted by the Mapano council for advice.

On behalf of Mappano council, the Linux society published a call for other public sector organisations to share their IT solutions: “In accordance with the guidelines of the Codice di Amministrazione Digitale (Digital Administration Code) [the Mapano council] has decided to adopt free and open source, and to reuse solutions already developed by other similar administrations.”

Digital transformation

Guido also published the request on the forum of Developers Italia, the Digital Government Transformation Team and software development community that was announced in March.

Here, Mappano’s call was picked up by AGID, the country’s Agency for the Digitalisation of the Public Sector. AGID in May had announced its own plan to rebuild the inventory of all open source software projects developed for or by the public sector. AGID is asking for projects to be reported to the Developers Italia forum.

So far, a handful of projects have been reported, says Giovanni Bajo, Developer Relation Manager at the Digital Transformation Team. He expects more projects to be submitted once the team increases communications.

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